You may be surprised by the lack of marketing lingo on my website. After all, I should be trying hard to sell my services, right? Here’s why I don’t present myself as “the one-stop shop for all your localization needs”.

I firmly believe that the business of translation is very much based on trust, and sales speak is not conducive to building trust. I would much rather come across as the sole entrepreneur that I am, with clearly defined areas of expertise and a highly specialized service offering. After all, every translation is a custom-made one-off product serving a specific purpose. Translation is a skill and not a commodity.

I am a bilingual Czech and German native speaker who has been living in Vienna, Austria, since 1982. In 1987, age 16, I spent half a year in Perth, Western Australia, which gave me a head start on learning English beyond Austrian high school level. I began my translation career in 2001 following studies at Vienna University of Economics and the Centre of Translation Studies, University of Vienna.

If you need a German translation of your English (or Czech) content, simply send in a copy or a link to where it is published on the Internet, and I will return a free quote and include a production time estimate. If you choose to confirm your order, I will start working on the translation immediately or at the next available time slot and also send you my confirmation with a binding delivery deadline.