Do you provide certified translations of documents, such as birth or marriage certificates?

No, I don’t. If you need a certified translation of your document with a stamp that will be accepted by Austrian authorities, please get in touch with a court interpreter or a member of the Austrian Interpreters and Translators Association.

Will you do a free sample translation for my upcoming project? I really want to be sure that I get the best possible result.

Yes, I will be happy to provide a sample of around 200 words at no cost. The text must be part of your upcoming project or very similar, and the project volume must be large enough to justify a free test. If you don’t like my sample translation, I will not charge you anything. Also, you may want to review the sample translations on my downloads page.

I represent a large translation agency, and we are looking to expand our team of proofreaders. Will you be available for QA work?

Unfortunately not. In 2008, I stopped offering Quality Assurance Services to translation agencies because I was increasingly dealing with very poor translations which were obviously completed by severely underpaid and/or underqualified “translators”. However, I do perform reviews and other QA services for direct clients and for fellow linguists whom I know to be “real” professionals (i.e. team setting vs. anonymous supply chain).

Do you provide translations into languages other than German?

No, I don’t. If you want to have your text translated into a target language other than German, I recommend that you search the translator database over at ProZ.com.

Do you offer interpreting services as well? Can I book you for a conference?

I am not an interpreter; please consider me strictly a translator. I will only work from my own office and provide exclusively written translations. Please search the ProZ.com database and select “Interpreting” next to “Service type” if you need an interpreter for your event.